What does that mean?!

UI / UX is a set of incomprehensible meanings, although … if you know what these letters mean, everything becomes clear. 

UI — User Interface / UX — User experience is, by and large, the psychology of developing the interface of our product so that it is convenient to use from a technical point of view and that it leaves a pleasant aftertaste and a desire to return. In order to achieve these goals, analysis and certain knowledge are needed.

First, it is necessary to understand who our customers are, what their requests are, what they would like to see, how it would be convenient for them to interact with our product and what exactly will lead the customer to us, and not to competitors.

On the other hand, knowledge of psychology, marketing, color theory and even anatomy is needed to create a product that, like a good wine, leaves a pleasant aftertaste and a desire to enjoy it … Well, let’s go make our customers feel good?)

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